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Employability Certification Assessment
Skill Assessment
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Skill Assessment

Employability Certification Assessment

Assessment is an integral component of procuring the right industry skills. The process aids students in determining the realms that they are lagging in terms of learning and aptitude. The process, in turn, motivates them to narrow down the existing skill gap which qualifies as indispensable for the prepping routine. Attempts should be made to carry out continuous assessments in a structured manner. The Diagnostic assessments of PROFUTURISTIC and MENTORING MATTERS help to analyse a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, draw their interests, strategize their career and receive guidance for improvement. It puts the spotlight on their progress, recommending the areas of growth and benchmarks against industry employability standards to make sure students are on the correct track. Finally, employability assessments give a better idea of the student’s nature, identity, personality, focusses on their areas of strengths and provide an employability report. Incorporating periodic employability assessment helps to fathom the skill gaps of students and indicate if they have good cognitive abilities as well as if they are good problem solvers and communicators. Employability is a quality acquired over a while and cannot be built overnight. This assessment’s scores would carry a great weightage in the GD-PI Process when employers evaluate the students for campus placements.