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 Stock ideas which could be wealth Creator.

Stock ideas which could be wealth Creator.

For investors in any age or time the moot question has always been the what asset classes to park one’s money in.  With different ideologies and understanding of the economy situation people come out with different ideas to invest in. This write up is also being written to suggest some ideas based on my understanding of the economic situation. With the pandemic situation the dynamics of the investment patterns have changed. In my point of view 5 themes which need consideration are Conglomerate, Retail chains, Chemicals, NBFCs and Pharma. Considering the recent developments and being debt free Reliance Industries is a good bet.  With focus shifting to on line and restrictions to go places the companies like V mart and Dmart are also going to create wealth for their shareholders. Moreover, these two stocks are at very less price than their peak. Similarly, Sudarashan Chemicals in Chemical Space looks good with good balance sheet and good product funnel and due to Covid 19 as the big companies are contemplating to buy raw chemical products from countries other than China, this company can gain a lot of business share. In NBFC the Bajaj Finance looks attractive as the business model is sound and is currently trading at very less price than its peak. In pharma space the Lupin, Glen Pharma and Sun Pharma looks attractive as the sales of these companies are rising YOY and their R&D wing is also very strong. Remember these are ideas for those who have a time horizon of at least 5 to 6 years.  

All these ideas are my opinion only based on my understanding and study of economic circumstances. Please read their financials diligently before investing. 

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