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Profuturistic.com is a state of art LMS developed and owned by Proftrain Mentors LLP. It is an endeavor to bring vocational and employment oriented

courses for the students at an affordable price. The courses are designed and implemented in such a way that a win-win situation is created for every stakeholder be it student, institution or the companies who will hire students after they are done with their courses. Considering the requirements of the skill sets of the current generation required in the corporate world it becomes mandatory on the part of educational ambience to prepare students in such a way that students have best of the skill sets and everyone gets the level playing field so that no body with a potential is deprived of chance to make it big. With this objective Profuturistic.com is designing courses and trying to reach masses.

Profuturistic .com is an extensive online platform with a wide array of subjects. Our objective is to enlighten students with guidance from domain experts and brighten their careers with sincere and suitable advice. Our experience in the training and coaching students in addition to our tie ups with the subject experts give us an edge over others as we will be able to deliver modules on the wide range of the subjects. The seamless learning management system created by using state of the art technology is an endeavor on our part to make people more employable and make India prosperous and a knowledge super power.

Free Career Counselling

Profuturistic.com offers free career counselling to students. Our trainers are well versed with processes and courses all over the world and will guide students keeping in mind the preferences and likes of the students. This counselling is totally free and is an attempt on our part to give back to the society and help make it a better world to live.
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We have archive of courses of vocational and preparatory courses delivered by the domain expert. Firm believer in ideology of face to face connection of teacher and taught we do not only provide digital content to our clients but also keep our experts at bay to provide 24 hrs assistance for any doubt clearance or query.

We are a team of different domain experts who came together to build an extensive platform with wide array of subjects so that we can cater to the needs of students of diverse streams. We have experts from the field of Finance, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, who have designed courses which are job oriented to make students more employable.

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